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Harnessing Enteric Dialysis to Treat Chronic Kidney Disease

The human gut microbiome is a complex internal ecosystem that lives symbiotically within us and plays an essential role in our metabolism and health.

Kibow Therapeutics is advancing a platform of technologies to develop novel live biotherapeutics with wide ranging applications. We are on a mission to harness the gut microbiome to improve outcomes for persons living with chronic conditions, with an initial focus on kidney disease.

Platform Highlights
  • Strong proof-of-concept in dietary supplements business focused on kidney health
  • Leadership with 25+ years of relevant operating experience
  • Phase 2 clinical study in CKD patients underway
  • Potential approval of the first live biotherapeutic for CKD
  • 33 patents issued, 8 pending

Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis

Chronic kidney disease can lead to alterations in the gut microbiome that are implicated in the loss of kidney function.

The gut microbiome is composed of a diverse population of bacteria that are both helpful and potentially harmful. CKD-related gut dysbiosis is characterized by the unwanted proliferation of bacterial species producing precursors of harmful uremic toxins (urea, uric acid, creatinine) that may enter systemic circulation due to a compromised gut barrier. High levels of circulating uremic toxins are associated with oxidative stress and pro-inflammatory responses that are implicated in the progression of CKD. Research suggests that gut microbiome disruption may also elevate cardiovascular disease risk.

Gut microbiome dysbiosis is frequently observed in persons with CKD and occurs when there is an increase in harmful gut bacteria and a decrease in beneficial microbes. Disruption of gut barrier function and permeability (leaky gut) is also common.

Enteric Dialysis

Enteric Dialysis utilizes live biotherapeutics to metabolize uremic toxins and improve gut health in patients with CKD.

Kibow Therapeutics is advancing novel, non-invasive adjunctive therapies for persons with kidney disease. Our product candidates are designed to metabolize uremic toxins and improve gut health in persons with CKD. Enteric Dialysis is believed to confer benefits to CKD patients in several important ways:

  • Promote Gut Health
  • Metabolize Uremic Toxins
  • Reduce Stress on Kidneys
Promote Gut Microbiome Health

Promote the growth of beneficial bacteria over harmful proteolytic and putrefactive bacteria with prebiotics and a proprietary consortium of probiotic microbial strains.

Metabolize Uremic Toxins

Reduce stress on kidneys by reversing the accumulation of uremic toxins by deploying microbial strains to metabolize urea, uric acid, creatinine, and other toxins, in the gut.

Our proprietary manufacturing processes deliver cGMP quality and consistency. Kibow Therapeutic products are made in the USA.


We benefit greatly from our discussions with the medical community and general public. We regularly attend scientific events and publish our research and findings in peer-reviewed journals.

This section includes research authored by members of our team, partners, and others, and include data or discussions relevant to our development programs, the microbiome, and kidney health.

We Are Dedicated to Helping Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Kibow Therapeutics brings creative, resourceful, and well-connected life sciences industry veterans and 25 years of operating experience as a developer of live biotherapeutics across multiple domains, with a focus on kidney health.